I admit that I’ve never been one to deny the seeming contradiction in my spiritual journey and my admiration of beautiful things on the material plane.  Recently I got a good laugh at how much my love of fashion and my desire to live in the present are probably destined to be at odds with each other.

The internet continues to build bridges and lift curtains.  The fashion industry of the modern digital era has unveiled it’s forethought to consumers.  We are not only aware of, but sold to, in micro seasonal increments that are multiplying and reaching farther into the future than ever.

Yes, I always knew that Spring Fashion Week is about Fall fashion, and Fall Fashion Week is about Spring fashion.  I also get that Pottery Barn is producing their Christmas catalogs by June.  But I have to admit that I realize my own personal style calendar is getting more perplexing.

So last week I was killing time in line at a snail’s paced Florida pharmacy, when I came across a “Pre-Sale” alert in my email for some beautiful blouses categorized as “Pre-Spring 2013”.  Please visualize, there I stood in sweat drenched Lululemon’s, after exercising and running errands in 100 degrees at 99% humidity.  In fact, it was specifically August 1st.  NOTHING about me felt inspired by the word “Spring”, only recently have I given myself permission to look forward to chilly breezes and cozy wools!

There is NO power-of-now in the fashion industry.  NOW in fashion was an idea sparked 18 months ago, produced last year and merchandized 2 (and a half) seasons ago.  

When I was younger I shopped truly in the moment.  At spring break, I got new bathing suits.  In Summer I bought shorts.  In college I hunted down an outfit for Saturday night, on Saturday afternoon (and very often it was so cheap I had little expectation of it surviving past that).

My style has evolved with age.  I am more comfortable in my body now and I have learned what it interacts best with.   I understand the balance of weaving classics and trends.  My checkbook has evolved and so has my respect for quality fabrics.  I have learned to plan better by staple, by temperature, by event.  

In adulthood I anticipate in fashion and yes, I admit that I am always thinking a little bit ahead.  Next month, as September dawns, my craving for new boots will sky rocket.  But in NO way am I managing my wardrobe 8 months ahead!

I have to admire the tenacity and organization of souls that can thrive in the zone of shopping Pre-Spring, NOW.  Who are these fabulous women? Industry professionals? Celebrity stylists? Abundantly blessed fashionistas? Cheers to you ladies, from back here in ‘Summer 2012’!

Needless to say, I loved the blouses on that Pre-Sale, but I passed.  They were Equipment BTW, and the irony is not lost on me that Equipment blouses are beautiful, timeless pieces.  But I have to admit that I’m just not there yet… pulling the trigger… in August… for items that ship in December… to put into rotation next Pre-Spring.

Can anyone fill me in on WHEN exactly “Pre-Spring” is anyway? Does that fall between Cruise and Spring?  Perhaps somewhere around the 3rd week of February?



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